Landscape Care

Our services include:

  • Arbor Care — The trees on your property are one of the most important asset values of your landscape.  We feel it is imperative that the trees on your property receive the utmost care and attention. Our team of arborists create and deliver multi-year tree management/maintenance schedules designed to get the most from your trees in terms of health, ascetics and safety.
  • Irrigation Management — An automatic, operational, and efficient irrigation system is critical to the success and sustainability of the landscape.  From our initial extensive start-up evaluation to the routine management of your irrigation system, Critical Environments strives to create the most efficiently operational irrigation system for your landscape.  We are verse in the latest technological updates.  The result of this hands-on approach is savings in water use and money.
  • Plant Health Care — The landscape Critical Environments maintains and manages is a critical part of our ecology.  We take great care in selecting only the most environmentally friendly fertilizers and pest control chemicals available.  When provided an opportunity, we always choose the most environmentally sound method.  This approach to landscape management and the use of integrated pest management leads to long term sustainability and creates an overall healthier environment.
  • Landscape Enhancement —  Landscapes are alive and changing.  We partner with our clients to maintain and keep their landscape looking the best that they can at all times.  Staying ahead of the plant life cycle and design cycle is part of our sustainable integrated approach to landscape management.  Whether it is a routine seasonal color rotation or a major renovation, we install only the best quality plant material.  The end result is a better looking and longer lasting landscape.

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