Customized Management Care

Our customized management services have been developed to better meet the specific needs of our clients.  These programs are unique to Critical Environments and help our teams to provide our clients with the best care for each project.  Our customized service include:

  • Critical Quality Program (CQP) — To ensure consistent delivery, CEI has developed an important program to accurately rate the quality of a project.  This measurement tool is called the Critical Quality Program™ (CQP).  The CQP measures the quality of the landscape using various parameters.   Once a quarter, the landscape of every job we maintain is personally reviewed and measured by the owner of CEI.  Critical Environments is committed to delivering the highest level of quality work on a consistent basis.
  • Landscape Maintenance and Management — Critical Environments, Inc. is passionate about landscape.  We strive to “make a difference” on every property we maintain and manage.  This starts with our approach to landscape maintenance.  At Critical Environments, we partner with our clients to create beautiful, safe and environmentally responsible landscapes.
  • Personal Client Relations Manager — Each and every client of Critical Environments is made to feel important. Proactive communication is a vital component to the success of our Client Relations Manager.  Our Client Relations Manager partners with our clients to create develop and implement the most successful and economically beneficial landscapes possible.
  • Planning and Communications — At Critical Environments, Inc., we strive to “make the difference” in everything we do. We understand and embrace the role customer service plays in our daily performance.  Planning and communication are two critical components to exceptional customer service that Critical Environments does not take lightly.

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